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WRPS highlights HGI in its weekly magazine ‘Solutions’.

2013 Aug 6 10:46pm

HGI’s “Surface Geophysical Exploration” technology was featured in the July 29 issue of ‘Solutions’, a weekly publication of highlights and progress of the Hanford Tank Operations Contractor, Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS).  Also known as SGE, this technology is an imaging tool that works by using a grid of sensors at the ground surface to detect and map changes or distortions in an imposed electrical field.

This summer’s SGE work represents the first full-farm, true-3D electrical resistivity deployment to characterize soils at Hanford’s C and U Farms. The SGE process helps provide better understanding of the contamination in the soil under and around the waste storage tanks at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

(WRPS) weekly publication ‘Solutions’