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Waters edge on geomembrane lined containment system - applications

Waters edge on geomembrane lined containment system

Choosing a geophysical method that is appropriate for applications such as Leak Location, Leak Detection, or characterizing subsurface fluid flow pathways will depend primarily on the material to be investigated, construction aspects, site location, and the conductivity of the solutions and substrates associated with the system in question.  Additionally, if the system includes a geomembrane liner or a geosynthetic clay liner, are they covered with water or earth and how deep is the solution or material?  Each method of leak location and characterization has different limitations, equipment requirements, and sensitivities to be considered if the survey is to be successful.

 Leak Location and Leak Detection success or failure lies in its applications…

Hydrogeophysics Inc., services and experience are perfectly suited for Leak Location, Leak Detection and characterization of subsurface fluid pathways.  We have been a leading service provider for geophysics and geophysical applications for over 18 years. HGI’s methodologies and technologies have been developed through unique and challenging projects for a broad range of clients, fostering an environment in which high-performance products are conceived, developed, and applied to create cutting edge solutions.

Throughout the industrial community geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners, pipelines, and storage tanks have broad and varied uses in our modern world.  Their primary use is for the transportation, containment, and prevention of fluid movement  from landfills, mining activities, power generation, and many other industrial activities. ,

While the concept of electrical Leak Location and Leak Detection works the same for all venders, its success or failure lies in its application.  For example, highly conductive solution, human error, and technical competency are just a few of the reasons a survey may fail.  HGI’s staff is backed by many years of experience, highly trained, and has developed our own proprietary methods for Leak Location, Leak Detection, and Integrity Testing.  Our greatest accomplishments are not just the development of cutting edge leak detection and monitoring technology, but the successful project completions for a broad range of clients in a diverse, fast changing industrial market place.