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Waterline on geosynthetic liner – Leak Detection

Waterline on geosynthetic liner – Leak Detection

HGI takes leak detection seriously and a significant portion of our business comes from understanding where leaks have occurred, the impacts of a leak, and leak mitigation. By applying sound principles of electrically-based geophysics we can detect the smallest leaks, even where others have failed. We offer a suite of methods and tools to solve your problem quickly, minimizing precious downtime while eliminating false positives.

HGI creates a Leak Detection solution tailored to your problem!

Picking the right method depends on whether 1) you need to immediately find a leak for repair (i.e., leak detection), 2) there is an impact to soil and groundwater from a historical leak (leak or plume mapping), or 3) there is possibility of a containment breach in the future (leak monitoring). Rest assured that we will find your leak.

Electrically-based geophysical methods have a distinct advantage of allowing the sensors to be far from the leak source:

Whether it is clean water from a geomembrane lined impoundment, gasoline from a pipeline, or nuclear waste from an underground storage tank, the addition of solution from a leak will change the electrical structure of the subsurface. As geophysicists we take advantage of this structural change to map the leak source using resistivity, induced polarization, electrical potential mapping, electrical resistance, and/or electromagnetic induction. The majority of our methods can be performed strictly from the surface without intrusion, thus minimizing survey costs, maintenance, and time. In addition, we manufacture our own electrical acquisition and monitoring systems for long term, real time monitoring, which provides the highest level of reliability against leak risk.

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